Monday, March 11

One Day ( A note to be told)

Take my hand and never let me go. Take my lust but not my luck.

One day, I'm pretty sure,
Someone will ask me what is the difference between you and my dream girl,
I may not have a good answer to make you impress,
But to me, the difference is that when I see you smile,
I forget about how to dream.

You may look toward my past but i always love to be with you in the future.

One day, 
I may die or you.
I never know either we will know each other.
But at least, in this world I had some love that makes me to remember the creator of love.

Even if i die. 
I hope i will only leave far away from your eyes not your heart.


Never feel reluctant if you're still single. 
It is not because you can't gain other interest but just treats like the time has not yet to come to make you or someone to confess.


nutz-lieya said...
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syakir salman abdul latif said...

thanks a lot for the support.

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