Wednesday, January 30

Naked truth.

  • Q: What piece of advice would you give to Stephen Fry, aged 10.
  • A: You're not alone. Everything you feel is fine. Only feel guilty about things you have done that are mean and cheap and unkind. Don't feel guilty about what you feel, no matter what the world might think.

  • Everyone is scared inside, not just you. That's why reading is so good. Keep doing it. 
  • Writers are people brave enough to make you feel better about being human because they're not afraid to reveal their own frailties, weaknesses, desires, failures, and appetites.
  • (source: Tumblr)

I always have this kind of belief. 
Believe is the best thing that you should have when you're giving someone a second chance. 

There are people in life who is going to love you for all of the wrong reasons.
 They will love you for the cutest part of your face, the weirdest part of your shit, the greatest story you ever wrote, the unique outfit you ever wore and the best moment that they ever lived.

Whereas there will also some people who love your sense of humor. 
They love all of the positive things that ever across between you and them.

 But sometimes you do not marry those people.
 You leave those people and you remind yourself that they missed the best parts of you.

Some truths make you hard to breath.
Even you are totally believing in magic.

This magic is even sadder.


Thanks for the results.
At least i had achieved something that makes me proud.

New semester. New spirit.

Take my hand and show me the love.
One two three.
I hope I am lucky.

Menyamar dalam kebenaran seakan berkejaran dengan bertelanjang.

Sincerely, Kayy.

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