Sunday, July 1

Bubble humbling (sequel)

Second chance in July

From Moscow to Paris.
I keep search for nothing. No, maybe for something.
Something that I don't really care a long time ago.

Hello July. I thought it was still in February.
A month filled with lots of love But, I knew it was totally my mistake.

I keep waiting for another summer. Another chance to grab you back.

I know that in the end, the song will keep playing.
Yes, a song titled somebody that i used to know.
I hope that it was not based on our miserable story.

A girl who hates a man for nothing. But the man keeps telling her everything.
But he doesn't understand something. Then the man left her with a thing.
A ring with a note left aside.

" I will wait for you in the usual place and I do hope that you will come and we will live happily together. "

She wrote a small note again. 

" It just warmed my heart. I could feel myself swelling up with such joy and happiness.
 But I'm dying and this is the thing that makes me hates you for nothing. "

The man keep waiting but the girl doesn't come.
After a while, he left without knowing the truth.

G: Can you tell  how much you love me?
D: Look up at the sky.
G: What am I doing?
D: Just look.
G:I can't found nothing.
D: That is the reason I love you very much. I don't have to show you love. 

It just a story created by a person.

Hye July. Cuti masih panjang.
Puasa kian datang.


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