Friday, June 15

You in Me.

and here.
This is his story.

 Oh Darling,

I want to see your cute face,
I know it was quite lame.

when i see the moon,
i hope that you will never be alone,

when i see the star shine,
i pray that you will always be mine,

I should leave you but I couldn't hurt you,
so I let you leave me because I just care everything about you,

I realize that I can't give you anything,
then I wish that at least you can have something.

i pray that you can stay,
even i know that there would be no such way,

even it is hard for me to smile,
when you never want to stay awhile,

will you just forget me in the end?
and will you hope that this would never happen?

if you wish to come back,
i would never resist to start it again,

even you're gone,
you will still be my number one.

I know it would be hurt to have this as an ending,
but sometimes pretending is better than persuading,

even you're just part of my past,
our love would always be the very last,

again I didn't mean for it to end like this,
all i wanted for you to love me for a little bit,

I wish that I'll be yours or you'll be mine everywhere,
perhaps we are always happy together anywhere,

don't you know that I love every inch of you?
and i love to be a part of you?

even i don't know what would happen to me after now,
but i would always remember you and I swear this is my vow!

This day will come.
It would just take a little time.



SHASCHA said...

wahhhh so sweets...:))
all the best ya..

syakir salman abdul latif said...

really? btw thanks a lot ya.
insyaallah lah

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