Saturday, November 5

I know you never know.

Jack: Kate, can i tell you something?
Kate: Jack, i know that already?
Jack: And how come you know about it? I mean about my feeling towards you.
Kate: Well, sometimes when you love someone. It is normal when you don't really have a braveness to tell that you love someone. But it doesn't mean that it would be better to act in that way.
Jack: Yes, i know.  Sometimes you can see when someone really take care about others but it is hard for you to tell someone that you really take care about them.
Kate: And that is you.
Jack: I realize it and i would just want to say that i really take care about you.
Kate: And i wish i can do so.


Born to tell you something.
Please, say that you love me.


fatin amirah said...

cte ni dok sweett okay! hahaha. -.-

La la la..Learn the Alphabets! said...

jeles habaq je lah.

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