Monday, September 19


She came and asks me again.

Would you dare to love me again?
And i say, no.

Then, she asks me again. But why?
And i simply replied. 
If ten years ago you can throw me away because you say that you want me to change,
but until now i never change and this is the real of me.
So, i wouldn't feel that you really deserve to loving the same person 
that you just left behind when he really cares for you before.

Again with that reason, she left me behind.
And i just let her go.  She meant nothing for me now. 
deep inside my heart i just say something, 
if she just stay and make me feel a little care from her 
that i never get when i am with her before
then, i will just change my mind
and be with her again.

But, she doesn't did it at all.

i just could realize that she is not my 
"sylph" anymore. 


I started to realize that if people know that people would just get trouble from love,
why would they still dare to chase for a love?

And i get an answer.

That is the human nature.
You just really love to
fall in love towards someone 
and be love from someone.

And wouldn't it be better if you get a true love,
isn't it?


Anonymous said...

hope u find ur true love..im lookin for it too.

La la la..Learn the Alphabets! said...

i do hope so.
and i pray for you too.

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