Monday, August 15

When the world gone crazy.

We will cry when we lose,
and people might say we are a loser.

While we win we will totally smile,
and people might remember us forever.

Sometimes it was totally good to lose in a competition,
and everyone hope to win in the competition,
even in the test ever people pray for a success.
But not everyone gain it.

Seem it is good to be a loser,
at least you will know how hard it is to be a winner.

and it will be more hard for you to maintain the position,
all the things that you can do it just never give up,

wake up,
and just always strive for the best.
There will always a sunshine
behind all the pain.

the person who risks nothing, 
does nothing, 
has nothing is nothing.

he cannot learn, 
grow or live.
but risk must be taken 

because the greatest hazards in life is
to risk nothing

and always think for everything without doing something


 I lose in a competition and i cry.

People laugh at me and told that i am weak.
I wake up and i realize how good to be a loser.
At least you will learn something that no other person gain it.


Fatin Nur Hafizah said...

its great tht u take losing in a positive manner... keep up the positive attitude :)

La la la..Learn the Alphabets! said...

yes,i think so.
and thanks a lot for the supportive again and again.

appreciate it very much.

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