Monday, August 8

It's true.

Sometimes it is good to have some haters in your life.
Well, at least there must be something good or bad about you that make haters try their best to hate you.
Then, surely you can learn something from it.Only if you want to learn something in your daily life.
Apparently, i wish that i can have a lot of haters. And it is only a wish.I hope that it will not come true.
There are something that you just hope but you wasn't want it to come true.

Just take a look at one person,

She's being hate in one moment however she's still can debut something in her life.
Well, just look at her.You criticized her before while now you try to be close to her and be some of her best friends.It's totally weird but this is riddle of life.You said that her song is totally damn but every Friday you still can sang her song.It's totally crazy.
"Fun Fun Fun"

That is how life goes one.

p/s: It is better if you having some haters they criticize you and you've done better.Well, at least there are someone who really cares about you. Than having some friends but always pray to see you fall.And it just turns to damn cruel.

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