Saturday, August 13

Hey There, Bitch.

 some fly right by me like a paper airplane
 and some days make me feel weak and shaky
i hardly notice the world's gone crazy,
nothing's clearer than the way you say
my name.



i wonder why there are a lot of people that really hate, 


i ask myself why there are still some people 
love to be part of it.


there are so good to have bitch around us.


at least we will try to be loyal.
And we try to stay strong together.

In life,

People come and people go.
People say hi and people say goodbye.
People love and people hate.

It is the sensation of a life.
And we just have to stay on it.


And it is good to be single.
There is no time to think if there are 
some bitch would come through your life.

And i wonder if there are a man known as,


Fatin Nur Hafizah said...

hey there, seems to me u dunt need me to write a poem for you.. you pun pandai tulis poem kott.. ur writing form mcm in poem-like.. very nice :)

oh, n not all girls are bitches.. :) n yes, its good to be single (for now) the right time will come ^^

p/s: a man known as bitch is called bastard.. LOL :D

La la la..Learn the Alphabets! said...

oh hey there..no way,i wonder and hope you can write a poem for me.well it's just a hope..but anyway thanks.

yes i am totally agree with that.not all girls are bitches and this post are not relate to anyone..haha

ahakz,yeah thanks for sharing..

thanks thanks thanks

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