Thursday, August 4


Never say goodbye when you still want to try; 
never give up when you still feel you can take it; 
never say never when you still have God that always be there.

Sometimes i feel disgrace when God always be there but we keep look for other source to fink about our problems.
To reach Him we do not need a phone to contact Him.Moreover we do not need an account to reach him.And the most important we do not need any relationships to meet him.
He will always be there.
But it is only us that always forgets Him.

We keep on updating our status in social websites to voice out our feelings.
We keep on messaging our best friends to share them our problems.
We keep on notify our family about matter that not been solved.
And we keep on doing this through our life.
But God never leave us.
He keeps give us some opportunity for us to pray for Him.

We maybe forget you in the past.
But please does not leave us in the future.
We might seem ignore you now.
But please does not indifferent us.

p/s: I keep believing in God.

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