Friday, July 29


Fate only brings you so far. 

It’s what you do when you get there that matters.

Sometimes it was totally hurt when you are keep remind of your past time.
We wish and we keep praying so that we can negotiate with God to go back to the past.
But it will be a bless for God to fulfill it. And it doesn't means that God failed to do it so.
It is just not give a worth thing for Him to do it.
Then, there might be some of us that give up on hoping.
It will totally hurt but sometimes there are pain that we must go through for sustaining our life.

It was totally freaking when you are keep on hoping but there are less work that you done to achieve it.
It seems funny when you are keep on wishing but there are nothing that you done to fulfill it.
It looks terrible when you are keep on praying but there are totally nothing good deeds that you done.

Please keep on smiling even you're in pain.
Please keep on cheer even you're sad.
Please keep on be happy even you have no one else to lie on.

p/s: Sometimes you have done something that you might not realize it but once you see it, maybe it was too late to return back on that time so just enjoying all the moments that you share together. At least for once.

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