Thursday, June 2

A Sensation.

you just have to close your eyes and jump."

sometimes it takes hitting rock bottom and hurting the ones you love,
to realize what you have become is not what you planned
and who you are is not who you like.

there's a story behind every person. there's a 

reason why they're the way they are. they aren't 

just like that because they want to be. something 

in the past created them, and sometimes it's 
impossible to fix.

the important thing is to not be bitter over life's
 learn to let go of the past, 
recognize that every day won't be sunny.

when you find yourself lost in the darkness
of despair, 

remember that it's only in the black of the
night that you see the stars and those
stars will lead you back home.

p/s: Now i can feel the sensation of, lightless.

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