Friday, May 20

Oh,I know it was mine.

you breathed infinity into my world.

and now that infinity is gone. It's replaced with realization.
 I never realized how much you cared about yourself. 
Do you keep the people that you do around you just for their looks?
Their love?

Their need for a person to cling to?

[PostSecret #1] .love.notes. by ImaJedi..

Do you ever hate fake laughing? 
Don't you want to just be yourself? No? 

That makes me sad.
 I don't know how we are friends. I really don't.

 I wish I could understand what you are. 
Are you so afraid of yourself that you refuse to be normal or you have to act "hard" whenever you're with me.

I must have missed out on the punchline somewhere.

Regret is waking up to realize that nobody is lying next to you and this nobody doesn't know who you truly are.

Are you experiencing regret?

p/s:Andai kata.Pernah.Percayalah sesalan itu tidak akan membawa apa-apa andai tidak ada sesuatu pekerjaan untuk melakukan perubahan atas penyesalan itu.

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