Saturday, February 19


Everything happens in reasons,
but it do not mean that you have to accept all the things that ever happen,
sometimes we can change it for better,
or even greater than the past..

There are some of us who have bad things on the past,
and there are some of us who have good things on the past,
but it do not mean the end of your life,
sometimes it is the beginning of a start for a brighter future..

I feel pity for those who are easily give up,
especially when they feel that God are not fair to them,
please do not be foolish as a donkey dear,
life is meaningful,
it is not about the judgement of the God,
but it is about how the way you handle it..

When you are in success, you forget Him,
then when you are in failure, you come to Him,
when you are in rich, you forget Him,
then when you are in poor, you come to Him,
is it a fair in life?..

I am not a pious one,
and i do not even try to be so,
i just wish to be a man,
a man who has a dream,
a dream for a good future,
maybe i fail in the past but i stand for now and i bet a good future..

I wish,i wish and i wish so..

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