Friday, February 18

Lova Dova


A man,
he loves a woman,
he expressing his feeling towards that woman,
but the woman reject him,
he been frustrasting.

A girl,
she loves a man,
but she does not have a spirit to expressing her feelings towards him,
and she knows that man is fall in love with another girl.

This man,
sharing all the secrets and moments with this girl,
but this girl never do so,
what the girl always does is the girl expressing her feeling in a diary..
and everyday the girl will always writes in her diary,
'i wish he will find a girl that will love him like i do'..

One day,
the girl left her diary,
and the man reads it..
The truth has been know..
 The man goes to the girl's house,
he holds her hands and said:
I do not have to find another girl that will take care of me,
i have you to love me everyday in my life,
and this time i do not want to lose the person that love me like you do..
They look on eah other and looking the full moon,
they smile and start to promise to aways be together..

Love is a fate,
that you have to face,
do not feel scare to voice out the feeling,
if it is your fate it will be yours..

p/s: Indah dan bermakna hanya akan hadir apabila kita sendiri membinanya,

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