Thursday, February 10


I wish i can succeed in all the things that i done,
i know it is natural for us to success and to fail,
but i wish this time i will not face the failure,
it is really pain inside your heart when you have make some planning for the future,
but there is little tiny things that make you become complicated,
i know that sometimes it is not because you do not know about the learning,
it is just because of your careless,
and i wish God help me..

i pray and pray,
give me a little success so that i will get calm deep inside my heart,
i wish and i wish,
i pray and i pray,

i wish i can count the star,
but i know it is impossible,
i wish i can live in deep sea,
but i know it is impossible,
i wish i can change the past,
but i know it is impossible,
impossible means nothing,
maybe you cannot change the past but you can learn from past,
get a new one and plan for a better future,
there will be a "miracle"

Oh God, i am totally mean it !

p/s: Kehidupan itu tidak akan lengkap tanpa kesedihan, kesedihan itu tidak melemahkan seseorang namun
kesedihan itu melahirkan kegembiraan dalam diri..Percayalah!

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