Friday, February 11

Chill out !

Now it is the time,
the time for make some changes,
maybe it is only slightly change in people's eyes,
but it doesn't mean that it is the small change that ever happen in your life..

you may feel lose when you lose something,
and it may become worst when the spirit that strengthen you also gone,
the only thing that you can do is just sit and be patience,

It is a normal phenomenon that happen in your life,
you win and you lose,
you success and you fail,
you talk and you speechless,
don't ever give up in any states that overcome,
the life is still keep going,

Only those who are dream for the future will achieve it,
set up your dream,
keep it up,
and there will be someone who are waiting to hold your hand on the end of your life !

p/s: Setiap ujian itu akan membawa seseorang lebih matang!

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