Saturday, February 5

I won't cry

Sometimes I smile to hide the pain,
sometimes I laugh to hide the sadness, 
sometimes I shout to let the pain out, 

but no matter what I do I just can’t hide the feeling that I 
really miss you.

Based on my last two post,
i know maybe i have been too emotional,
but for this time i know i still can't face the obstacles that God give,
but i know only this that will make me become stronger,
i know that life still have to carry on,
and started from now,
i promise deep inside my heart that i will try my best not to cry,
i know i have been cry every time i see those pictures,
and today both of my sisters are going back,
i know i have wake up early,
and i am still crying when i see those pictures,

Dear my two cute hamsters,
if tomorrow i buy a new one it doesn't mean that i will replace you,
if tomorrow i feed a new one it doesn't mean that i will forget you,
if tomorrow i clean a new one it doesn't mean that i will longer remember you as a history,
no,for the God sake all of you will always remind in my memory,
i promise,

I know it is hard for me,
but life must go on,
and i have a lot of sort things that need to complete on,
it is a natural in life when we are loving others we care about it,
i feel a bit stronger,
i promise to you dear that i won't cry anymore,
please rest in peace,
and for the sure i will always keep remind you...

p/s: Kadang-kadang benda yang ada di depan mata kita tidak akan hargai sangat namun bila ianya dah tiada kita akan sangat hargainya..Namun mungkin saat itu sudah tidak bermakna lagi kerana hidup di dunia hanya sekali dan seterusnya untuk kehidupan yang kedua belum tentu kita berpeluang maka hargailah setiap orang dan masa yang ada..

I'm an animal lover but today i know that i will kick out one list of animal that make my life become worst!

The Hardest part 
of missing someone is not the absence of that person
but it is the part when all you can think
of are the sweet moments you'he shared.
And you ask yourself:
Can those moments happen again?

"i miss you"

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