Friday, February 4

I wish it was just a dream

Sometimes i was really hope
everything that ever happen in the past was just a dream,
i wish,
it was just a tale,
and for the most if it is happen in the reality,
i wonder if i can turn back the time,

sadness are the only way that i can show,
i try to smile but it was hurt,
i try to laugh but it was complicated,
i try to be happy but it was totally hard for me to do it,
i know this time it maybe can hurt someone that always there after me,
and i have try my best but for this time
i still can't get rid them out of my life,
i am really miss them damn so much,

i know i have become less talk,
i know i have become to be alone
i know i have far away from others
but i am really promise that it is just only for a while,

"Harmless cat" congratulations for broken my heart
thank you for taking them for me,
i am really appreciate for the things that ever happen
and i know this time you will surely smile
but if i get you i am surely will curse your life!

And for the hammies
i am totally sorry and i am still can't forgive myself for everything that ever happen
i still can't figure out how both of you die in the end of your life,
i wish them in heaven
i wish them forgive me
i wish them rest in peacefully,
and i am totally miss too see them again,
i just hope them can come in my dream,
in my special dream on my birthday,
that is the greatest present that will cheer up my life!

I love to see while them sleep,
i love to see while them playing,
and i love to see while them eating,
but now it was just a memory,
that make tears in my life,
now i was speechless!

p/s: Akan datang satu ketika apabila kita terlampau sayangkan mereka yang membuatkan kita gembira saat mereka hadir dan apabila mereka hilang begitu sahaja hanya air mata yang mampu menemani.Mungkin akan ada yang merasakan kita tidak kuat namun hanya ini sahaja yang mampu kita lakukan untuk saat ini. Dan ketika ini saya benar-benar menangis! Saya rindukan masa yang lalu!

i miss to see them in here,again!

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