Thursday, January 20

Mine !

Hey,20 January 2011,
a new day with a new history will be remains silently close to my heart,
To a friend, Happy Birthday to you yeah,
before i forget,i am also want to wish to my beloved mom,
Mama,Happy Birthday yeah,
i hope you do read my blog right now,
heeeee <3
I am so appreciate for all the things that you ever had done to me,
maybe i am a naughty son toward you,
but inside in my heart i am sincerely will not forget all the actions that you ever done to me,
I am still remember that when i was in standard 2,i was enter a story telling and you enlighten me up mom,
you have given me a high spirit,yo teach me on how to tell others,
how to elaborate the story,and in the end i won the cup because of you,
i love you mom,

I wish i can see your smile to shine my day,
i wish i can see your spirit to brighten up my day,
i wish i can have your hug to lighten up my night,
one thing for sure,and i am hope,
wherever i am,
whoever i am,
i will still can bravely say that,
"yes,she is my mother"

Happy Birthday,mom aka (Shadiah Sulaiman)

p/s : Tiada kasih sayang yang paling bernilai selain kasih ibu..Yakin dan pastilah baik buruk kita pasti akan dapat diterima oleh jejak seorang ibu..Sesungguhnya airmata kegembiraan ibu itu membawa sebuah makna kasih sayang!


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