Friday, January 21

Ah !

i have learn something new, you know what it is not a shame when you learn a new knowledge,
it do not means that we are knowledgeable, but actually it give us a new step to achieve a success in life,
it is not important for us to calculate on how much knowledge that we can get in our life but the important is on how we appreciate the knowledge that be given to us,
a knowledge is not a book that you can always refer to it but a knowledge is a gift,
when you get it you will appreciate it like it is your own life,

to the people outside there which "berlagak pandai",
please remind your own that your knowledge is not too much so don't try to be so stingy with the knowledge or "bajet pandai" cause you must always remember there will still another person who has another knowledge that you do not know..
"kalau dah tak tahu kata tak tahu jangan buat-buat tahu lepas tu mula garu-garu kepala",
it is not a sin for you to admit that "oh really? now i am started to know"
then just simply say thanks to a person who give you a new learning in a life,
easy and simple right?
start to think!

p/s : bukan semua benda kita tahu dan ada benda yang kita tahu, jadi mula untuk berkongsi dan menerima segala yang ada dan segala yang diterima kerana ingat satu perkara dalam diri iaitu masih ada yang lebih tahu akan apa yang kita tahu dan tidak tahu !
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