Wednesday, January 19


It's hurt when you see that any person that you care most are in a problem,
but the only thing that you can do is just sit and see they suffered,
and when the time comes for you to help solve the problem it's too late for make a little change,
now,i am started to learn that not everything that you hope or you wish will comes true,
so, just try to be your own,help others when they need,

life is about a line but always contributes with a new line,
life is about you and others,
and life is about the failure and the success that you will choose,
just close your eyes and open your heart,
start to choose a way,
a way to be a better for today,tomorrow,and soon !


qisya said...

yup.. choose your way.

hey..followed you peeps.

nice to know ya boy!

qisya said...

i have followed you peeps..hehe.. http://www.atmaanaqisya.blogspot.com

La la la..Learn the Alphabets! said...

hey,thanx yeah..
i will also do follow you,

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