Sunday, January 30


It was a moments that i will never forget in my life,
sometimes it was so good when you're having too much loads in your heads then a friends invite you for a picnic,
yes,it was so fun and i am totally admit in through my sincere heart,
i was totally enjoying the moments that we have when we're going to the Sepang Gold Coast,
what a nice place with a fascinated view,
it was so memorable deep inside my memories,
i would like to say a big thankful to the our sponsor which is IIUM,
thank you so much for the chances that we have,

i am started to appreciate all the times that I had at this campus,
it is so meaningful,
there is nothing much can i say except that i can give a big clap for them and also for myself for the enjoyable moments,
I am started to learn that it is not easy to achieve something but it can be achievable when it comes with a big desires,

Yes,before i forgot,
congratulations to the all winners,
to the badminton tournament,football,election,tennis and others,
all of you have done a great jobs..

I wish for a small things but sometimes it comes with a great moment,
i wish for a little things but sometimes it comes with a huge effort,
i wish and i wish!

p/s : Kita selalu mengharap sesuatu jatuh ke riba tapi pernahkah kita berusaha dengan sedaya upaya kita? 

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