Monday, January 17


i have learn a new thing,
maybe it's not really a new thing but it seem give me so much regretful,
it is so hard for me,and i will try to improve my best on it,
anyone out there,please always finish all the works that been given to you,
don't ever make it last minutes cause in the end it will just give you problems and headache,
Sometimes you may feel that,
yes it is still long time and you will absolutely have enough time to complete the works,
please don't do it,
sometimes it will just harm you,
time is like a fire towards you,
sometimes it may be friends if you know how to appreciate it,
but if not it will just turns to be an enemy to you,
it will burns you up,

let's start a new day with a new attempt,
strive for the best,
face all of the obstacles,
believe on your own,
you will always make a new better performance,
just keep it up,
and there will come a day that you will just simply said:
"I have face the obstacles that comes towards me before so now i just wait for the success to heals me up"

p/s: Hidup tidak semestinya akan terjadi dengan apa yang dirancang namun ikutlah rentak kehidupan itu di mana keadaan sekali mana pun kita berada kerana yakinlah suatu hari akan muncul juga sinar kebahagiaan.


Anonymous said...

Good luck in ur life:-) wish BIG for every single thing that u do;) hee -adia

La la la..Learn the Alphabets! said...

Thanx yeah !,hee

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