Tuesday, January 18


Hey hey hey,
you know what,
the world seem look so big but actually when you realize and take a look properly,
we can just simply said,
oh look,how small the world are,

Yes,i am totally admit it,
it is amazing when you're living far away and then one day,
you just going somewhere without any plans,
then,there are another person who comes to you and say,
are you "Syakir?" and then you will simply just answer,
yes i am,it's a very long time since we don't meet right,
and the conservations are begins for a long time,

It's really impress me when we are talk about the power of God,
God are so creative,and He are also understanding,
He will give you anything when you just need it,
isn't it is amazing right?
Then,just be grateful !

p/s : Bukan semua yang hadir dalam kehidupan kita adalah kawan dan bukan semua yang menghina serta mencaci kita adalah musuh kerana itulah sikap manusia yang penuh dengan cara masing-masing lalu terpulang kepada kita untuk memahaminya!

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