Sunday, January 16

I hope i am a child

S A I L O R by Shana Rae {Florabella Collection}

For this time,
i don't know why i still miss my childhood,
i hope that i can turn back the time and be a child,
it is so good to be a child back,

I am still remember when i was a child,
i love to laugh, i love to cry, i love to run,
it is a good moments, yes it is,
when we are a child we don't really need to thinks the problems that happens,
all of the things are been done by the parents,
they clean me after i am eating, they clean the diaper, they bring me for a walk,
they sing a song before we going to sleep,

but now,
the moments are gone,
there are no one to accompany you for a walk in a park,
there are no one to pay you for a meal,
there are no one to clean you,
it is maybe sounds so pampered,
but actually it is the moments that we wish for in a life,

i am started to appreciate the time,
i started to appreciate all of my friends,
and for the most i am started to give all of my love to my parents and God perhaps,

thanks a lot for all of the creations,
thanks a lot for all of the signs,
thanks a lot for all of the guidance,
thanks a lot for a present,
it is so wonderful,it amazed me,
and it is so precious.

p/s : Jangan teruskan meminta yang bukan-bukan tapi bersyukurlah dengan apa yang ada pada hari ini kerana kita belum tahu lagi apa yang tinggal pada hari esok !

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