Sunday, January 16


Illuminations: Reflections of Earth by Matt Pasant

You know what, sometimes i hope that i can born as a magician..
Or perhaps there is a little power inside of me so that i can forget the past..

But i know that it is only a dream..

There is a moment in our life that we hope and we try to forget our past,but actually we don't have to forget the past but try to learn from the past..


although it is full with the bad things that make our heart hurt,make our heart feel empty but it make us to learn that this is a life that we have to face..


it may be worst if we don't try to make it looks fun and adorable,draw the line,color your life and your life will be the best moment that you will never forget..


we can't  look the future although we have use both of our eyes,but we still can predict how the future will be using our logical thinking or our brilliant mind..

p/s :
  Kehidupan tidak akan jadi indah sekiranya kita tidak mewarnai kehidupan dengan warna yang sesuai kerana kehidupan yang indah lahir dengan penuh warna,warna suka dan duka..Warna itu yang menyerikan lagi sebuah kehidupan.

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