Wednesday, January 12

A cup of coffee

Cookie Splash! #3 - Coffee and love are best when they are hot! by iany T.

It is doesn't matter if you lose in a competition but you win in a battle,
it is doesn't matter if you lose your energy but you still have a spirit to start it again,
it is doesn't matter if you have a lot of enemy but you still have a friends that always beside you.

A friend are such like a cup of coffee,
it still nice to taste it,
a coffee accompany you when you can't sleep,
a coffee shine your day,
a coffee can change you,
when a friend come such a milk,
it turns the color of the coffee,
a friend change your life,
a friend change your attitude,
A friend is a teacher,
a friend is a brother, 
a friend is a sister,

if today is the time for me to leave the world,
i only have some wishes,
i wish the good for my parents,
i wish the better for my friends,
i wish the great for my deeds,
i wish the happiness in my hereafter life!

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