Thursday, January 13

Pop out,

i am start to understand that it is so hard for make some change..
It is not easy for us to make all the people tend to believe on what are we going to say,
it is not easy to make all the people understand on what the action that make by us,
it is not easy to make all the people to have a good faith in their pure heart,

maybe you have make a change,
people make you change,
In another months,
environment change you again,
In another years,
you change again according to the time,

"Sometimes it is good for you to make a change,but only if the change are make you better than before,
wise than before and approximately before like you was before,and if the change will just only make others feel that it is not real you then it is more nicer if you just be on what you have stand before so that there will no others hurt"

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