Wednesday, December 8


Mirror mirror on the wall, who's the fairest of them all? by newlight2

For the time being,
i am started to realize,
not every words can be say loudly,
not every thing can we get easily,
and for the most not all the dreams can we achieve successfully,

i am started to stand where should i stand,
stand on my own,
alone here,
sometimes we felt that we have reach a lot of confident,
but it was just a feeling,
not every law can be apply in our life,
it depends on our own,
our own ambition,

To define a law,
it should pass the test,
now i had already known that what are the purpose of life,
it is about a journey,
a journey that starts from the beginning but never met the symmetry of the ends,
life never ends,it always continues,
i know we will live and then die,
but we wake up from the sleep and live on it forever!
It is a "life"..

Mirror Mirror on the wall by Heaven`s Gate (John)

p/s: Life is a mirror,no matter whatever life brings it on we can face it!

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