Saturday, December 11

Back to old school

I am 18,
going 19 in a few months,
now i was in varsity's life,

On the past,
i was 17,
Spm Candidates,
living in school's life,
i'm lovin it..

There are a lot of cheerful moments with all of my friends,
for sure,i will not forget about it,
all the moments will always live in my heart,

The sweet school memories:
*one side love,
*silent mode mobile,
*bus stand comedies,
*canteen foods,
*escape from seminar,
*last period kalatta,
*first love in school,
*birthday treats,
*last min preparation,
*over night study 4 next day exam
*friends-family function
*exam marks problems
(Thanx mimi)

Those days will never come again and i realize about it..
Joys, cheerful and amazing moments..

Live it!

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