Monday, December 27

Memoirs of a kid !

nowadays i am really grateful and realize on how important the memory to all of us..
Yes, although there are still bad memory in our mind which is really hard to erase it but it will always be a good memory, the sweetness memory in my minds..

Memory are come from the past and it will brighten our future..Yes it is..
Sometimes we may feel lose but the braveness are comes straight from the all of the weaknesses that ever happen in our life..Isn't it sounds great?.So be a grateful human please..

I have a memory that i can ever delete it through my minds..It is same as a travel,well you know when you are travelling you will meet a lot of people around you..Different people with a different stories and it is worth for sharing it together...Sharing the moment together are the ever best thing that i will do,

On my past, i have a granny who are always have beside me..Always be the candle to lighten my spirits..To be a better person..It is good when you have someone to always at your side in whatever situation..She always be my heat on my winter and she will be the rainbow in my rainy feelings..And sometimes maybe i am not realize on it at all..Until the time comes and she have been called by the God then we will realize on that time..It is the thing which if we cry for the sake of our life it is not worth at all..

No matter whatever happen,no matter how bad the person is,
as long as she give the advice so that we will be a great person as we can stand right now..
That is the greatest thing that ever done by a person who are always loving us but she can's saying it through the words but it is stated by the action..So, just be a thankful person,spend a little time,give a tender of love to the person that appreciate you the most..

I love you,"mak wan"..

p/s:love the one and appreciate the person before the person go..it is so hurt when the person go and you don;t have a chance to hugs and say even simple words which is "I LOVE YOU" OR "THANK YOU for all the things you've done"

all the moments we share will be the roots in my life..

"live as long you can breathe, dream as long you can dream,love as long the people live"

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