Sunday, December 26

How small we are?

Today,the weather are sunny,
what a good weather for a new day,
and i'm really love this weather since it is so calming through my heart,

But,in the news at television it is predicted that,
my place will rainy,yes it is maybe since this month was called "tengkujuh"..
Now i am start to wondering how small and powerful we are,
we as a human are too small compared to the power of God,

Yes,we are..
come on just look,i know we're only predict it,
but if we have a little bit power maybe w can predict something correctly..
So no matter the prediction we as a humans always have to be prepare in no matter situation that will overcome to us,yes especially in our deeds so that when we meet the our creator we had already prepare what the God wants as the "exhibit" to we enters the heaven...
Since we can't predict when we are gonna die,
maybe a few days from now,tomorrow or maybe a seconds after this..

Life is so meaningful,isn't it?

Life or Puzzle by Shahrashoob

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