Tuesday, December 28

The kids are the clouds?

Ouh for my holidays,
i think that i have spend my time wisely,,haha..
urm yes i am...yalah balik aja terus keluar and then tengok tv...

UHHH,,this is what we called a life...i wish i have a better life in the future..
Have a good occupation,have a good wife with a good kids,
Yes i wish it soooo muchhhhh..!

Hey u know what,the kids nowadays are so full with advance..
Yes,dulu nak patung barbie pom kena dapat 100markah semua paper baru dapat..
Tu pun silap haribulan baru saja dapat rambut barbie aja..Huishh..

But now,the people and world are so different,
minta patung diberinya model,
minta kereta mainan diberinya basikal..uhhh...
dunia sudah berubah...

And what the amazing nowadays is..
sampai program kanak-kanak pun sampai dapat 10,000..
sekali dengan lagu sendiri pulak tuu...

I wish to be born kids like nowadays..

I love this song sooo much...
catchy aja...

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