Saturday, December 25

It goes upside down,

Happy Holiday and Merry Christmas,Mr Santa..
I am still a muslim okey? just a little wish for some of my friends who are celebrate this christmas..
What i am weird is there is still a muslim who are celebrating this celebration more fun than the one who should celebrate this festival perhaps!

I am think that maybe there is still a muslim who are born as a muslim but their heart,wallahhualam..
only God knows..hee..and what i am can say is "there is still a lot of people that pray for the guidance but Allah give them the puzzle for them to solve",Such as a puzzle you can just combine it on the parts that you like but what the picture would be is just totally differents and depends on your mind thinking..

Life is totally amazing, so just make it precious..
We born as a good thing so just try to make it flow gradually do not overestimate people..
We can't judge people based on the only one side because there is still a people who are have the other side which is only God knows..

minnesota zoo aquarium by Dan Anderson *

I wish for the guidance and i am hoping i am always be in a straight path of the way of life..
That maybe sounds cruel because for God to full fill it is so tragics because God is fair in His judgement!

This video always remind me a great things that can happen in our life.
It amazed me!

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