Tuesday, December 14

Voice Out !

Hello Children by taylorkoa22

Today,i have learn we can't predict the behave of the people,
we can't estimate the feelings of the people
and lastly we can't control the people to be exactly like we want..

Human,we are not a robot,
robot is a machine that we can control it using our great mind plus with a brilliant thinking..
Sometimes,i wish the human could be the robot,a great machine..

I mean sometimes and not every time,okay?I am just hoping!

On that night,i know all of us are planning to done a work together,
and i know that when u meant it,but please give some time,
give and understanding to us,we need the understanding,
we need to comfort each other,
it doesn't mean that you act like a boss and you're the boss..
We're Human with heart and feelings..
I am just not hoping for a great understanding,
only a tender of love inside your heart..

This time,i am argue with the provocation?..
Sometimes provocation is a great deals,
a great thinking to make u learn!

Sorry for this," FRIEND"!

eatin' mr big [mac]. by *northern star°

p/s: there is no use if u have a big brain if in the end u just your small head to think !
       (sorry,i just voice it out doesn't meant to hurt anyone)


Anonymous said...

speaking manjangggg . tulun ajar saya tep

La la la..Learn the Alphabets! said...

haha..ajar..no matters but please treat me yeah!

Anonymous said...

holohh... wat amal ibadat tu ikhlas gok skali

La la la..Learn the Alphabets! said...

ikhlas dh lar ni..
tp kna ah jugk bg ckt..

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