Friday, October 8

Is it a "LOVE" ?

There is still a person who are still can't understand that although the boys or the girls are already with another person..but still being "gedik" to flirt him/her..come on man..there is still a plenty of man/woman that you can get..unless you are still state that he/she is your fate that try to chase him/her "keliling dunia"..i thought that only the world are weird because have a lot of dramas but actually the person are the one that awkward..

p/s:sorry in case "terasa"..just expressing..

Last evening was totally sweet..I don't have the special one..and also i don't have many..
but i know someday i will have one..the one that can make my soul feel like living in the heaven..
all without having some i am still thankful and feel accomplished..to that girl,wait yeah!

Meredith: (teary) " I always thought it would be me. I'd get Alzheimer's like my mother and forget everyone. Let's go to city hall tomorrow. I don't wanna spend another day not being married to you"
-Grey's Anatomy.

Anyway..itu selingan sahaja..and for the most..

i am really love this "catchy" song!  

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