Saturday, October 9


When we have too many choices, we will be confusing..

Truly inside the heart, when you remains silent that is the best choices that you can make..the truly ones..Choices, may not giving you a trouble but just make us feel cautious and let us be ourselves..truly on our own..Every people have their own choice and their own style..so let it be..

and i love the style..

Feelings to convert it into our basic sense,eyes it is too complicated and people will say that it is hard to define it..and i am totally agree 100% with them..yes, try to imagine that you can tell the person that you love her so much and will never left her but to make it be a reality is totally not make some sense cause you can't forget that there is the greatest one which is fate from Allah..

and for sure, i am still believe in her,she is totally great girl that have super duper power..try to know and fall in love with her and surely you will feel what i feel..

and for this time you will feel that you can breathe in deeply inside your heart..

trust me! <3


hani.hanz said...

jiwang !!!!

La la la..Learn the Alphabets! said...

haha,,xble kah??.

fatin amirah said...

betul dh mnde mu kta.kita boleh ah nk post2 dlm blog ni kita suka spe,tapi xkbo er spe..


La la la..Learn the Alphabets! said...

hahaha.urm taw x ew,,,ngeee...

mals nk brbngga aja,,,hehe

fatin amirah said...

cettt.i hte u ;p

La la la..Learn the Alphabets! said...

so what?..hehe

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