Wednesday, October 13

Dia kah?

Nothing much to say..Just wanna say that i don't have an idea to say because i am totally addicted with Maher Zain..not Ziana Zain okay..hahaha..but i am just addicted to him song not to him okay..i'm "straight" okay..

But imagine if today i was born as a woman..hahaha..it is must be totally crazy yeah..i cant imagine me wearing the blouse or "baju kurung"..hehehe..try to imagine it on your own..could someone give me some view if i am a woman..hahaha,,

Oh yes..back on my addicted to maher zain..he was amazing and i am as a muslim..kira "tabik" to him because all of his song are totally amazing and have give me a positive thinking in my life..it is not a wasting time if we are born as a muslim..and what can jews say about us are..

Yes, it is totally true that if we are born as muslim we can't get the freedom to drink the "alcohol" or also "menjaga batasan"..but is it is really important for us to get ourselves near to things which is "najis syaitan"..

I am more prefer to get myself from that thing so that i can enter the heaven...

Hey to all peeps,this is a remind to all of us..(including myself)..try to calculate using math formula or additional math formula..*can we count all the deed we had done? can we count all the sins we had done? and for the most important is..can we count that how many seconds,minutes,months,years or decades that we can live in this world?..

try to think it on your own..<3

p/s:(untuk saya juga)
      Don't forget about the sacrifice of our beloved Prophet..Muhammad s.a.w  


Anonymous said...

suke juge maher zain !!!!
for the rest of my life <3

La la la..Learn the Alphabets! said...

x tny pomm..

nway thanx taw..

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