Sunday, November 11

I'm Obama.


Kazuo Ishiguro, Never Let Me Go

Last time,
I always used to think this.

Life is totally unfair. 
You put lover first who puts you second. 
You give your heart to someone in a relationship when they only give you some shit.
You're there for your best friend even early in the morning when they need it the most, and the next day they don't pick up their phone.
You give someone your time, and they give you, 
"Sorry, currently I have something to do". 

It seems like you're giving everyone everything while they're just walking away with it.

We spend too much time wondering about something.
Even we're not good enough.
Sometimes, we used to over-thinking,
overreacting and even over-analyzing.

I can't sleep these thoughts of others, are keeping me wide awake.
But, i do rather adapting to believe that,
there always someone created for someone.

Someone like you who can changes my life.
I can't sleep because these thought of others are keeping me wide awake.

The sexiest thing in life are,
how you can make others cares to think about others.
How you can make others appreciate on things that you had done to them,
and how a little thing that can be seen by others open up something which is hidden.

You're not born as Obama,
but at least you can have a vision to be like him.

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