Monday, May 7


Even a puzzle need to be solved by a man.
So why complain when having problems with a man?

She doesn't like the hypocrites but she does it.
She doesn't love the haters but she does it.
She doesn't adore the liars but she does it too.

Sometimes, you hate something but you never realize that
 there is a time that you had ever done it.
 But you pretend that you never done it and it is typical.

Then, when you realize it,
 you would say that it is a human mistake. 
You would say that you are not infallible.

I am not a robot.
 I am a human with a heart and i can feel it.

You don't have to be someone else to make the person to knows you.
Just be yourselves. Never pretend.
Then, others would come to admire you.

It sound like shit. But sometimes people really love this "shit things".
Just you never realize it.

But i do really hope that it is never too late for you to realize it.

Don't make me stumble.
But, please be humble.


Sometimes people just want to be your friend at first,
but in the end they hope to be your last love.

Sorry if there is any broken English. 
Ini update kemas, kini dan cepat!

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