Wednesday, February 1

Another summer romance

Seasons come and go but i know that you will never change.

When i looked at you,
i forgot that we share the same summer altogether.
and that had already make my heart beat faster than before,
but i know that it was too late since it was just a nice dream.

Since now,
you had already left me for a few years
but amazingly you still in my mind.

I started to ask God.
What comes next?
Then, i totally got a good answer.

Why are you looking for the same person that may hurt you again 
while there were still another one who are waiting for your love?

and i started to realize something.

You will never found the sun at night,
 but you know that the sun would always be there.

Tomorrow morning,
I started to walk away and i can see the sunshine.

 I know that today,
 my life will be going better than before.

Open your eyes, look within. 
Are you satisfied with the life you're living?” 
- Bob Marley

there are something that would never change.

# In life you don't need a compass to search for a new way,
you just need a God to show you some new way.
# That's your problem,
you know that soon it will be a problem to you
 but you never try to prevent it from happen even you had already realize about it earlier.


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