Tuesday, November 22

Eleven on Eleven ( Finale )

The varsity's life.

And it is normal for you to do it so.

You wake up- late in the morning.
You stay up- till late night.
You done the assignment- on the last minutes.
You study for the examination- a night before the examination.

Then, when the time comes.

You keep promise and promise.
So that, you will never repeat the same mistakes.

But have it work?

Many people tend to promise
but few people fulfill it.

Many people tend to pray
but few people done it sincerely.


It is not just for a sake of an attitude.
It is all about ,

your faith.


Menang lagi dan terus menang.
Jangan mudah berbangga atau berhenti di situ.

Kerana kita pasti ada dan ada lagi.


kak ira said...

hai syakir! kak ira suka lagu ketiga dlm blog ni. 'I Confess' op? hihihi nice blog!!!!

La la la..Learn the Alphabets! said...

hye kak ira.hihi.
yup2,btul and tepat.
thanks a lot lah.

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