Wednesday, September 7

And I wish for something.

And i have some wish.
it doesn't matter at all on how much i dream.
Or for how long i will be dream.
As long as it worth for something then just dream.

People will say you're "Mat Jenin"
And people will think that you're totally crazy.
But it is not about what people say about you.
It doesn't matter on how will people look you.
But it is about how much you care about what you dream for.

i dream for something
but i gain nothing
who knows maybe tomorrow
you never dream for a thing
but you really get something
and it will be too late if on that time that you really cares to dream for everything.

please have a good dream.

A good dream not comes in a good mind but it produce by a good heart.
And i start to learn something.


nurul.iman said...

don't be afraid to dream, just go for it.

hope and pray to Allah, He knows what best and give the best.

La la la..Learn the Alphabets! said...

thanks a lot yeah,
nurul iman.

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