Thursday, August 25

Porcelain 3 (Finale)

And he keeps remembering the memories from the past. 
The history still remained in his mind.

A friend gave him a gift. It is a porcelain.
But, one day he accidentally broke the porcelain. And there is a note there.
He open and read it.

" Please take care of this porcelain carefully. It's fragile. Don't ever break it into pieces. 
But, if you had break it
then i am pretty sure that you will learn something from it. "

Love is fragile. 
Someday you will be loved and sometimes you will in love. 
Somehow you can have a heart and other days maybe you will hurt.
It's love. 
Everyone feel the sensation and everybody will taste it. 
It doesn't matter with whom or who 
but the real matter is for how long 
and how to keep it remains forever.

You might be hurt when you are losing the person that you love.
somehow you can learn something from it. 
Maybe God let you choose another one that really suit for you.


Life will always has a choice for you. 
You can choose to be good or turn to be bad. 
To be loved or just to get hurt.
You just live in this reality for once. Use it wisely.
Someone may ruin you but if there is always a single prayer in your life you can always have change. 

And the best part of it you will always learn something.


" Porcelain is pretty magic. 
The finish of it, 
the gloss ...
it's very strong, 
strong as it can be. "
-Susan Schultz-

And that is a porcelain. It might be fragile. 

But you should know on thing that 
for a clay to become a porcelain 

it endure through many things.

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