Thursday, April 14


There’s always a wild side to an innocent face, and he will fool everyone with his fake smile and pretend laugh.

It's hard to predictable.It's hard to summarize.It's hard to describe it.
It's because we only just one life to live.
Only and the only one.
But we met with a thousands of people.
People with a hundreds of character.
Then it will be just complicated to describing people.
There will be hypocrisy.
There are the one who are arrogant.
And there are also the one who are living so mean.

I wish for many life.But i know if i have many life to live.
Then there will no astonishment will comes afterwards.
Sorry God,I'm just pretending that I can wish anything so that you will just fulfill it.
But I almost forgot that there will always have a story that will not end behind on it.

p/s: I love to see your fake smile.

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