Wednesday, April 13



Based on a true story.
This is maybe not an interesting story.Don't ever read it,it might be not worth.
Don't say that i not warn you.

This is an old story. A girl who were fell in love with a boy.
The boy is really naughty and really love to play with woman's heart.
But this girl thinks and hopes that she can change the bad habit of that boy.
Then the love story begins.Everything was looking good.
Until when the boy started to change since he met with a girl that he thinks might change his life.
He saw everything through the eyes of the girl that he just know for a month.
So,he just chase the girl.After a while,he just be with the girl and left the one that always support him in whatever he had done.
After a few years, he had realize that the one that he loved the most was the girl that always be by his side.
He wish for a chance but the girl just let it be.
Cause she knows that she are not meant to him.
Because they are totally different in their own way.


p/s: Appreciate all the moments that ever happen in your life.It might only come once in your life.Once!

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