Friday, April 8


Anne  :   I feel really  sorry for hurting  him.
Brad  :    Please don't ever be regret. Just stick on your choice.
Anne :   But, you also know on how much i love him.
Brad   :    Yes, and you already know on how better God has plans this.

There comes a point where you just love someone. 

Not because they’re good,

                                                       or bad,
                                                                         or anything really.

 You just love them.

It doesn’t  mean you’ll be together forever. 
It doesn’t mean you won’t hurt each other. 
It just means you love them. 

Sometimes in spite of who they are,


sometimes because of who they are. 


you know that they love you,  
sometimes because of who you 


and sometimes in spite of it.

P/S: Now i wonder when it is hard for me to voice it out..

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