Saturday, March 5

The color of a life.

In a life,
there will a lots of colors that make your life,
sometimes the color will just remains memory to you,
and sometimes it will just give stain in your life.

it will always colors your days,
When you was young,
they give you anything and they are everything.

they will always colors your attitude,
When you learn,
they will not just teach you A,B and C.
they will tell you the pathway of a life.

they will always colors your feelings,
When you with them,
they will not just stay with you,
they shape your behavior.

they will always colors you like a sunshine,
When you feel alone,
sometimes they will cheer you up,
and even they're gone they will always remains as a great memory.

it colors your life.
When you done great you will be amazed,
and when you done something bad currently you will be regret.

There are still a lot of things that colors your life..
Just be grateful to live in a great life.Life is miracle.
Appreciate it since you will never know when it ends.

"If you don't live for something you'll die for nothing"

p/s:  LIFE.I can't look into your eyes and feel nothing. I feel everything,  everytime you're around me.

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