Monday, February 14


ليـلـــى ♥` by * Cute.Heart ©  وضــحــى ♥` by * Cute.Heart ©   ميسـا ♥` by * Cute.Heart ©

She's not pretty but she's totally sweet,
she's not genius but she's totally working hard on it,
she's not rich with wealth but she's totally rich with good manners,
she makes men lives in her world,
she makes men totally addict to see her,
she makes men hard to sleep at night,
she makes men hard to wake up in the day,
she makes every men dream of her,
but she just lives in her own land, in her own world, in her own tale..

People just seem to have perfect person for a perfect couple,
people just seem to dream for a perfect person for a perfect life,
people just seem to be a perfect person and get a perfect partner,
she's maybe pretty but she's has her own weaknesses,
she's maybe has all the things that dream by the men,
but she never dream for a perfect man who can charm her day,
she's deaf,

People just seem to look other people based on their outside appearance,
they never view people based on their inside appearance,
and whenever people make to do so,
they are totally fail,
they just let the people who are before they see born perfectly,
but when they are born just with a little weaknesses,
"he left her without a word,
although before this, he try to get this woman with bundle of words.."

she's alone with a broken heart,
she just waiting for a proper man to take care of her,
waiting for a man to hold her hand,
kneel down and propose her for a wedding,
with just a simple words that can win her heart,

"I born to be with you"

p/s: Jaga seseorang yang hadir dalam hidup anda meskipun dia mempunyai kekurangan kerana yakin dan percayalah kekurangan itu akan menjadi kelebihan kepada diri anda. mungkin tidak pada hari ini tapi esok barangkali!
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